Vlog | ‘T6G 0P3’ to ‘752 32’

Vlog | ‘T6G 0P3’ to ‘752 32’

One of my favourite songs, though probably not so well known, is London to LA by Swindle ft. Ash Riser. Inspired by this idea, I’d call my second vlog Edmonton to Uppsala, despite my inability to create a similar song for this journey. But since it’s so straight-forward in a way that does not match the usual fancy style I’d name my posts with, I’ve substituted the cities with postal codes of my accommodation there.

It’s fabulous if you feel confused and hence curious — my purpose of ‘coaxing’ you into this post & vlog would be perfectly accomplished.

Actually due to the limit of raw videos, I’ve added some more clips that do not belong to either place, still, this is a video manifesto of what I’ve experience from May, 2019 till now.

I enjoy my life then pretty much, and I hope you’ll like this video as well.

Last Modified: Nov. 27, 2019


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