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My workload has abruptly peaked since September, 2022.


Though I’m still “struggling to survive” — as I answer most people who casually ask me “how’s it going”, I find it crucial to stop for a while every now and then, just to take a look back at myself to see if there’s any data drift happening inside me.


Whether I’m still into the same stuff that used to trigger my interest and passion.


Whether I’m still trapped by the same problem that bottlenecks whatever I plan to do.


Whether I find new things to aspire to, or just to relieve the tangling loneliness deep inside me that fatally suppresses my work efficiency.


Or most preferably, whether I still retain the ability to incubate unconstrained, borderless dreams.

Who you are, as a human in nature, is an implicit function that cannot be modeled directly. Then probably I’ll leverage the property of blackbox, by controlling the input questions to be constant, and comparing the output answers.


Therefore I’d just ask myself some simple ones: what’s my recent favorite? Be it music, movies, books or just some random thoughts. 


I’m narcissistic in nature, and hence I consider it a waste not to share what I like–sinuously by posting it on my website. After all nobody really checks it out regularly LOL, but at least I’ve got me, myself and I to share.


So here I proudly present to you my menu of the month, which I’ll (try to) update monthly to recommend some music, tv dramas, movies and anything else that I find fascinating during a specific period of time.


This column is currently (and may forever be) unsponsored, so all contents are based on my personal preference. If any of them offends or even irritates you, my suggestion is for you to change a restaurant and I’ll siyu never again.


Thank you so much for considering menu of the month, and I hope you enjoy whatever that’s coming up shortly into your eyes.

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