Vlog | Eternal Summer in 2018

Vlog | Eternal Summer in 2018

This is my first vlog recording the fabulous moments in 2018.

I spent almost a month in the beautiful city of HK, located in southeast China, doing my business internship and also traveling. Afterwards, I was extremely honoured to be one of the Tanglixin Scholarship recipients and hence traveled around southeastern Asia on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Just so much happened. My life enriched. My horizon enlarged. My friend circle extended. And most importantly, I have been enlightened to know better who I want to be.

I’d have exclusive posts recording those activities separately, and here you’ll access my first-ever vlog: clumsily recorded, edited without any storyline, but full of scatters of my memory.

Now available on YouTube:


Also you can access it on my Bilibili channel (apology for the failure in embedment):


Always welcoming all types of comments and feedbacks 🙌

Thank you so much for helping me become better and I hope I can be a positive silhouette in your life as well.

(Last Modified: Nov 19, 2019)