Page title adapted from “Dream-Catcher” — without any narcissistic intention to indicate that I am a dreamy funny dummy. 


Still, it’s better than the previous version I almost used but finally gave up due to the length limit: Fantastic Siyu and Where to Find Her. Oooops! Sorry for J.K.Rowling and fans of HP, but HAIL RAVENCLAW by the way!

In addition to my social media accounts, it’s better to approach me with the following methods if you hope our communication could be more formal:

(1) Proudly as an exhausted Master student struggling every single moment on and off campus:

(2) Personal mailbox for serious conversations only:

(3) Exclusively concerning this website, or if you’d love to be replied by someone named “admin”:

(4) Or sometimes I do pop up and update in my official account on WeChat–if you ever use that:





End of the line (Steve G. Rogers Version) 🎉

If I can have affiliated pages to my future grad school’s website, I’d be super honoured to attach them here as well.


Chill 😎

(Last Updated on Oct 22, 2021)