SoPx | Planet xxx041 in a Nutshell

SoPx | Planet xxx041 in a Nutshell

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Before getting inundated by requests(which actually never happened) for a general introduction to Planet xxx041, we put this post as the first story in our SoPx series and hopefully it will be a piquant appetizer for your future reading. 


This is a general guideline to our planet, the creator, the residents and the rules.

Maverick Astromsoc
There’s no doubt or further reason why Astromsoc becomes the only master of this planet — she creates this place out of her own absurd imagination, manages with the most advanced ideology and is always easy-going with all residents’ requests. She prefers to be addressed as “Her Maverick”, similar to “Your Majesty” on Planet Earth, which she believes both illustrates her kernel traits and avoids patronizing other residents as other condescending titles might have done.
Maverick Astromsoc would hereby extend her genuine welcome to your visit here on Planet xxx041, in hopes that such cross-terrestrial communication could be more frequent and in-depth.
Planetary Landscape
There’s no static map for Planet xxx041, since it keeps changing all the time. Every single resident, both biomasses and non-organic elements, has the right and ability to create their own land. Time and space are both infinite here, where nothing ever ages, nothing ever dies — we do celebrate the advent of new life every single minute! Once they are officially registered by their born parents, they have their initial unit space which can be further extended once they’ve mastered their own way of “construction”.
Still, despite unlimited resources, residents make their own contributions to earn personal “degrees of freedom”. The more influential one becomes in the planetary history, the more allowance of land is allocated. So everyone works fairly hard to expand their own territory, without any spare time to be jealous or anxious — as long as you contribute, you create values and can hence be rewarded — that’s also the universal rule accepted by most civilized societies on other planets.
Maverick Astromsoc has always taken pride in the majestic creativity and stunning design caliber of residents here on Planet xxx041. She has awarded several masterpieces of landscape design in the past few millennia, which would be listed and specifically introduced in the future posts. ( So stay tuned to SoPx if interested ;D )

– Territory ‘Cloudomain’ on Planet xxx041

instead: Cloud over Luxembourg Airport (LUX), Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


There’s no concept of gender or age on Planet xxx041. It’s the residents’ own choices to be addressed as an Astro or a Cosmo, when basically those two names are totally interchangeable. Maverick Astromsoc offers such two options just because she wants the presence of both halves of her name. There is, upon the preferences of residents, a stark difference between the two clusters of residents with their own titles. Astros are usually more dauntless, straight-forward and exploratory, while Cosmos aspire to a more delicate lifestyle, prefer intellectual endeavors and conserved. 


Maverick Astromsoc loves every single resident here on Planet xxx041, and she’s perpetually welcoming more new members. Write a little about yourself  and your preference to be an Astro or a Cosmo to, and you’ll likely become a new resident here!


A carousel of current honour residents are also available on the intro page. Make your contributions, and hence see your profile there in highlight.


– A Rural Train Station on Planet xxx041

instead: Luxembourg Central Station, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


This is how Maverick Astromsoc call the rules and laws. Shackles are the basic regulation we hope all residents consciously follow and kindly support. In general, there are 416 minor shackles, and we list the top 10 essential ones for every resident to be aware of:

        1) Be positive, optimistic and cheerful every single nanosecond;

        2) Cry out loud when you feel stressed;

        3) Ask for help if you’ve already tried 7 methods that do not work;

        4) Keep calm and love yourself;

        5) It is okay and understandable to be fastidious, but it shall go with convincing argumentation and without impolite language;

        6) Always think from the others’ shoes and try to be multilingual;

        7) Talk to Maverick Astromsoc whenever you have doubts and complaints;

        8) Work hard during office hours and play like crazy during holiday;

        9) Be open to advice, but also object to unreasonable censure;

        10) Speak up whenever you don’t feel comfortable with others’ words or behavior.

Though it seems a bit overwhelming to call such rules “shackles”, Maverick Astromsoc believes that it’s indisputable that every resident tries best to enjoy their life to the most. So please be mindful, at least during your landing on Planet xxx041 every time, that such shackles follow wherever you go.


– Guardian of Shackles on Planet xxx041 –

instead: inside Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany

Welcome Address


Here’s the official welcome that Maverick Astromsoc would love to send to every single one of you:

It is my utmost pleasure to see you here on Planet xxx041. I love this anonymous place and treat it as my home. You do not necessarily need to care for it as much as we Astros and Cosmos would, but please, enjoy your stay here and possibly leave some adorable foot prints that help make our planet even better. 
Maverick Astromsoc
Planet Master

– Sakura Fest on Planet xxx041 –

instead: Washington Monument, D.C., United States

Good luck exploring and have fun on Planet xxx041!